Friday, July 30, 2010

Compendium of Curiosities - Challenge 7: Tinted Visions Fragments

Studio L3's challenge with week is Tinted Visions Fragments pg.55. Again, this was truly a challenge for me as I could not seem to make the technique work the first two times I tried it. Then, when I finally decided to actually follow the specific instructions (note: applying the blending solution with the tool is the key) it worked!

Here are my first two attempts which don't look anything like they are supposed to but I like them just as much. They have a kind of modern edge that I find a complimentary contradiction to the images beneath. I think I will make the one on the left a pendant and I haven't decided yet about the one on the right. If you have any great ideas feel free to share them.


  1. You did a wonderful job with the challenge! I think the one on the left could be a focal point of a card???

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my necklace that I made for the challenge :)

    Nice meeting you!

  2. Beautiful fragment challenge pieces - all of them! I do know what you mean about following the directions. In an earlier challenge I saw Distress Ink and never noticed Distress Embossing Ink!!! Wonderful job!

  3. I think they all are great! I know what you mean about reading the directions;just because we think we know the technique...a little advance reading could do wonders..I'm just saying! LOL!
    The one on the right could go into an altered book. I love the pendant idea for the left one.

  4. Marnie, these are are gorgeous! I love how you did the card, with the laurel theme tying all the elements together so beautifully. All your fragments are great-- not only the "traditional" one, but also the two on which you tweaked the technique a little. I agree-- the Rosetti portrait would make a lovely pendant, and I think the pink one would be cool on a polka dot card with lots of bright pink and orange.

  5. I of course love them all, but then I Adore your work. Annette x

  6. They ae all lovely pieces, the top one tells a story, your rectangle would be a beautiful pendant, and the third would be brilliant as a focal point of a card.
    Look at me giving advice - I never know what I'm doing with my own work lol x
    .... you just made your first 50 followers :o)

  7. These are all gorgeous!! I love the different effects you've achieved with the one technique - all of the fragments are so beautiful. I had to laugh.... I did the exact same thing, didn't read the directions very carefully. I was trying to drip on drop of blending fluid on the dang fragments, till I read that I should be applying it with the *tool*, tee hee! Doing is learning!