Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Month of Creativity

I have been getting so many creative things done in the last 30 days that my blog postings have fallen by the wayside. Be warned...there is a lot to see!

These are practice pieces from the Claudine Hellmouth "Composition for Collage" workshop.

                                  Asymmetrical Composition                      Horizon Line Composition
                                           Grid Composition                             Vignette Composition


Here are some personal pieces I created..a scarf and a bracelet...both created from recycled materials.
                             I used some favorite cotton tops and dresses (they no longer fit but I loved the
                             materials too much to throw them out), wedding dress lace that I dyed and
                             hand-embroidered, vintage lace passed down from my grandmother,
                             clearanced embellished ribbons, and some machine embroidery. The
                             green panel was a dress with pockets that I decided to utilize in the design.
                             I just love the funky artsy feel of the scarf.

                                 This project was inspired by Christy Tomlinson's Artsy Bangles class.
                                 I made this bracelet from an old faux leather belt that was getting a
                                 little tattered, stamped metal, and acrylic paint.


Here are too more pieces from Christy Tomlinson's "Your Living Canvas" workshop. I can't recommend this workshop enough!

                                                                           "Vision" Canvas

                                                                      80/20 piece - work in progress


This is my canvas from Donna Downey's Canvas Create workshop. I have really enjoyed these workshops and look so forward to a new video each month. I don't know what I am going to do when the year is up!

                                                                              "Lotus" Canvas