Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Grunge Goes On.....

Page 1

Molding Paste
Brick mold
Stamp pads - red, brown, and black
Black crackle paint
Black paint pen
Skyline stamp
Light gel medium
Two-sided tape

How to:
Spread molding paste on 2/3 of the tag, press brick mold into paste and let sit for a while. When you remove the mold there will be some definite lines and some smooshed and peaked spots, this gives the effect of plastered over brick. Tear a piece of newspaper to fill in the rest of the tag and adhere with light gel medium before molding paste is dried. Dry molding paste with heat tool (or air dry if you are the patient type). To finish off the "brick" rub with red, brown and black stamp pads until you get the desired effect. Cut out a word or saying from the newspaper, scrunch it up, age it with the brown and black stamp pads and stick it down with two sided tape.

With the black stamp pad and the skyline stamp (or other desired image) stamp the bottom edge of the newspaper. Take your black paint marker or even a sharpie would work, and write urban or other words and symbols in graffiti style. Paint top edge of newspaper with black crackle paint and use your finger to drag it down. Heat dry for lots of crackles.

Finish the tag by going over all the edges with a black stamp pad.

Tune in tomorrow for page 2!


  1. Your book is so creative. I love the look of all that have done.

  2. Popping in to say I got your Here Comes the Sun atc and I love your design!