Friday, May 28, 2010

Grunge - Day 10

Black Gives Way to Blue - Page 9
Stamp pads - Black, and Weathered Wood (distressed blue)
Wavy lines texture plate
Alcohol Ink - Copper Mixative, and black
Aluminum tag
Arrow brad
Print out of Black Gives Way To Blue album cover
Razor blade
Edge Distressing tool
Double sided tape
"Torn paper" scissors

How to:
Rub Weathered Wood stamp on right side of tag and work towards the left side stopping about 2/3 of the way. Rub a black stamp pad on the tag starting at the left side and blending into the blue. I did not try to get complete coverage on the tag but rather let some of the tag color show through. Load your wavy lines texture plate with black ink and stamp across entire tag. This is meant to look worn and not perfect. I then took a standard razor blade and dragged it across the page, really rubbing it in some places. With a q-tip and copper alcohol ink add some touches of rust to the tag.

I used a pre-cut aluminum tag and textured it using the same wavy texture plate above and a stylus. Then I rubbed black alcohol ink and a touch of copper with a q-tip over the entire tag. Set aside and allow to dry.
Next I cut out the album title using "torn paper" scissors then rubbed the edges with the Weathered Wood stamp pad. Poke a hole through the left end and thread brad through title and aluminum tag then secure brad open. Put double-sided tape on both the tag and title, adjust angle as desired and tack down to page.

Tomorrow we explore the last page of the book "The Heart of the Matter".

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