Saturday, May 22, 2010

Grunge - 5

Angst - Page 4
Nothing says angst better than a clenched fist!

Stripe patterned paper (this is another piece from my teenage blogger pack)
Red card stock or fist die cut (mine was cut on the Cricut with the Indie Art cartridge)
White crackle paint
White paint pen
Clear crackle medium
Edge distresser
Regular and soft gel medium
Brown and black stamp pads

How to show your angst.....
Adhere stripe paper to tag with soft gel medium and allow to dry. Distress edges with a razor or distressing tool. Paint a series of lines starting in the middle of the page and radiating outward with white crackle paint (this will make it look like the fist burst through the wall). Dry with a heat tool. Rub a black stamp pad over it lightly here and there to add a dirty look.

To make the fist I used my Cricut and red card stock and then painted in the highlights with a white paint pen. You could free hand draw one, use a stencil, or a die cut too. Once the paint was dry I applied a thick coating of clear crackle medium over the entire surface. I dried it with a combination of a heat tool and a little bit of patience (hehehe). While holding the fist with both hands I made paper do "the wave" back and forth. This helps define the cracks even more. To really define the cracks rub the entire surface of the fist with a brown stamp pad and wipe off the excess. Adhere to the middle of the white paint with regular gel medium. I didn't glue all the way to the edges because I liked the way the curling added dimension to the page.

Tomorrow we hit the street with page 5.

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