Saturday, May 29, 2010

Grunge - Day 11

"The Heart of the Matter" - Page 10
Stamp Pads - White, Weathered Wood (distressed blue), black
Straight lines texture sheet
Printed heart graphic
Black acrylic paint
Soft Gel Medium

How To:
The first thing I did was to rub a white stamp pad over the entire tag. This process did not make the tag white but rather a nice aged paper look. I then used a black stamp pad to ink up my texture sheet and lightly stamped the entire page. I wanted the look to be worn so I did not put even pressure when I stamped. Next, I rubbed the Weathered Wood stamp pad around the edges and toward the center to make an oval-like opening for my heart graphic. I then went back over the edges with a black stamp pad to dirty it up a bit. 

I cut out my heart graphic and adhered it with soft gel medium.
To create the black tar effect I used the same mixture as the road page (black acrylic paint mixed with a little pumice). I sort of haphazardly slapped that around the page until I was satisfied. Done!

Tomorrow will be my last post for the grunge book....."The End" back cover.

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