Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Grunge - Day 7

If you are paying attention you probably noticed the lack of a blog post yesterday. I have been laid up in bed for several days now with an undefinable upper respiratory something or other which wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the terrible cough that no amount of medicine can ease. Anyway, I just didn't have the energy in me to blog last night so I will pick up where I left off.

Let's Get Dressed - Page 6
Used black jeans (child's size is best for a tag)
Used cotton t-shirt
Scrap of plaid fabric, cotton or flannel
A few inches of broken chain
2 Jump rings
Embossed dog tag
Metal eyelet
Heavy gel medium

How to:
Cut the rear right side of a child's pair of jeans from just below the waistband to right below the pocket. This will give you a reasonable size to work with. Use a razor or distressing tool to wear out the jeans a bit, particularly around the pocket area. Punch a hole in the upper corner of the pocket and set an eyelet. Lay the jean scrap on the tag and play around with the placement until you are satisfied then mark the edges of the jeans on the tag. Slather heavy gel medium on the tag and place the jeans down, pushing them down into the gel. Allow to dry and trim away excess jeans. Attach a jump ring at either end of your broken chain piece. One one end attach a pre-embossed dog tag or emboss one yourself. Attach the other end to the eyelet on the jeans pocket. Tuck the dog tag into the pocket.

For the t-shirt all you need is a 3x6 scrap. Make holes and tear until it looks well worn. Slather heavy gel medium over the exposed tag and the top of the jeans and place the t-shirt. I let the t-shirt hang loose at the bottom rather than gluing the whole thing in place.

The finishing touch is the traditional plaid shirt. Cut, fray and wear out until you are satisfied and adhere the same way you did the t-shirt, leaving the bottom edge free.

Join me tomorrow when we hit the stage on page 7

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