Friday, May 21, 2010

Grunge - Day 4

"Hardcore" - Page 3

Rock style paper (mine came in a teenager blogger paper pack)
Glossy white paper
Letters to spell out Hardcore (mine is a stencil sheet blank cut using Cricut Solutions Indie Art Cartridge)
Electric Guitar die cut or sticker (mine is cut using Cricut Solutions Indie Art Cartridge)
White acrylic craft paint
Scrap of black rubber cord
Black stamp pad
Grey marker
White Gel pen
Regular and light gel mediums
Two-sided tape
Spray bottle with water or ink blending solution

How to make it happen:
Adhere your rock style paper of choice to the tag with light gel medium and grunge it up around the edges with a black stamp pad. 

Either make your Hardcore letters/phrase with a Cricut or other die cut machine or use stick on letter (letters with a little thickness is best). Attach phrase with regular gel medium and paint over surface with white acrylic craft paint (you want the paint to be watery not thick). Before the paint dries, hold tag upright and spray with water, allowing the paint to drip down onto the tag. When you are comfortable with the amount of drippage lay flat and allow to dry. After the paint is completely dry dirty up the phrase with the black stamp pad.

My guitar was made using my Cricut machine and glossy white paper. I then colored the handle, frets, and electronic do-dads with markers and aged the edges with a black stamp pad. Next cut a small hole for the "electric cord" to plug in and string a scrap piece of rubber cord through the hole. Adhere cord on back side with two-sided tape. Add two-sided tape to the rest of the back and stick onto tag. Curl the cord and attach in the side binding.

That's it! A lot of impact with just a few materials. Look for page 4 tomorrow.

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