Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Things Found Series: The Fridge

Art House Co-op is hosting a series called The Things Found. Here is the info for this week....

Volume One: The Fridge
The Things Found Series is the beginning of a new photography series that encourages participants to capture an image of a common space. This week, we’re challenging artists to shed a little light on one of the most personal spaces of all… the refrigerator. Open your fridge and take a photo of the inside in all its glory. Don’t worry if it isn’t beautiful! We’ll create an exhibition from the photographs we receive that reveals the substance of our community — one everyday space at a time.

Here is my entry.

 I opted for black and white so that the typography becomes the focus. It's funny looking at this photo you would think we were obsessed with dairy products!

Happy Leap Year!

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