Monday, February 20, 2012

Block of the Month

Hi gang,
I have been a sewer since I was 9 years old (that is 33 years of sewing), and in that time I have made doll clothes, fashion and costume clothes, outfitted nurseries and children's rooms, and even some home decor items.

I have truly dabbled in a lot of sewing projects, but quilting has never been something I was interested in. I think it's because quilts seem country and ultra traditional, neither of which appeal to my style sense.

A few months ago I happened upon a site called It started out as a little group and has grown tremendously in just a year. They offer all kinds of crafting courses and workshops from jewelry to knitting and sewing to paper crafts.

At the beginning of the year Craftsy started a free online workshop called Block of the Month hosted by Amy Gibson. Each month she presents two easy quilt blocks for you to create at your own pace in your own time. At the end of the year she will show you how to finish it into a lap quilt.

This workshop appeals to me on so many levels! First, I love the modern graphic blocks, not at all the traditional, country vibe. Second, a "work at your own pace" schedule really works for me since my crafting time is randomly squeezed in throughout the week. Third, I have missed sewing for myself and thought this would be a fun project for my bedroom.

If you have never heard of go check them out. You just may find something that interests you!

Here are my first 4 blocks....

My bedroom is ice blue and brown with accents of white and tan. This should look great in there if everything works out. Keep your fingers crossed!

Have a great week, Marnie

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