Friday, January 6, 2012

Mail Goodies & 10 Fun Stamping Ideas

Well, today I haven't been able to do any arting (Yes, it's a word! I made it up but it's still a word.) as I had homework for my online Expository Writing course and the dreaded chore of laundry. But I did get some art goodies in the mail that I would like to share.

The dear ladies at Red Lead Paperworks have a wonderful selection of stamps and vintage images along with other embellishing goodies. Last week they are running a last chance sale on a couple of ATCs I wanted (see bottom two in photo) and since I was buying anyway I picked up a couple of other stamps I have been eyeing (see top two).

The sewing image stamps I plan to use to make tags for some of my custom clothing (cool idea, right?). Red Lead has lots of great sewing items from stamps to images to charms. Check them out HERE.

The birds and flower silhouette stamps I will use for ATCs, cards, and other various collage pieces. You can purchase the Bird stamp HERE for only $2.65!!! The flower image is gone but you can find more sale items HERE.

I never really considered myself a stamper before and I don't really now but after participating in a myriad of challenges I found I used stamps for many different things. One day I looked around my studio and realized I have a healthy collection of stamps! Once I realized that stamping didn't have to be just a simple stamped image a whole world opened up.

The options are only limited by your imagination. Here are 10 fun ideas you can try:
  1. Layer stamped images for a 3D look
  2. Stamp on patterned paper rather than plain paper for a unique look
  3. Mask parts of a stamp to create a different image
  4. Create a stencil: stamp image on stencil grade plastic sheets and cut to create a negative image
  5. Stamp on transparency or acrylic sheets for another kind of layering
  6. Transform stamps you are tired of by cutting them up and rearranging them or using only parts of them 
  7. Stamp on collage pieces to add dimension and layering 
  8. Create a pattern: stamp an image on plain paper, cut out the pieces/parts to make a pattern, use the pattern to recreate the image using other paper or materials
  9. Create a resist: stamp image with embossing stamp pad and emboss with clear powder, use inks, stains, or paints over the image, the embossed image will not take the paint creating a cool line image
  10. Try a new medium for stamping: instead of ink use craft acrylics or fluid acrylics to "ink" your stamp, this will create a softer more blurred image, works best on solid stamps rather than outline.
I hope you will give some of these ideas a try. Enjoy!

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