Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Latest ATCs

I belong to two yahoo groups that focus exclusively on fine art ATCs: Fine Art ATCs One to One and Fine Arts ATC. I enjoy these groups because they allow me to exercise my fine art skills. The fact that they are ATC size is a bonus too because I feel less pressure creating on a smaller scale. I have always liked little versus big, don't know why really. Maybe it harkens back to creating miniatures and dollhouses when I was younger.

Anyway, I haven't really had the chance to do much in the way of fine arts in the last couple of months and I was feeling a little guilty about abandoning my groups. So yesterday I sat down a did 5.

 These first two (Funky Flower and Funky Flutterby) were about playing....with color and with my water color crayons. I wanted to do something joyful and fun and not take myself too seriously. How did I do?

"Solo Flight", also done with my water color crayons was a test in subtlety. A vast contrast to the two previous pieces.

"Black Turtle" I did for a the turtle/tortoise challenge on Fine Arts ATC. I drew this one with dye ink markers. I think it turned out pretty well....if I do say so myself.

This last one is supposed to be a white tiger. I usually say, "I can't do animals" but earlier this month I drew a panda that turned out really nice so I thought I would give it another try. It's not great but its not awful either. I made the eyes too close together which throws the proportions off. I may try again though....we'll see.

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  1. My favourites are the funkies, I love the upbeat colours :)