Friday, June 25, 2010

4x4 Zentangle Swap

I started playing with zens after joining Fine Art ATCs One to One group earlier this year. This group has some very talented zen artists which felt a bit intimidating at first. I am one of those artists who is a dichotomy.....very A type personality but very artistic and free at the same time. Crazy right? You should try living in here with me! 

Anyway, the whole point of zens is to FREELY doodle. Sounds great but my structured mind took issue to this and I found myself fretting over where to do things and was it even, and was the pattern balanced! I know, I know, I was missing the point!

My first attempts were more planned and structured pictures then straight doodles but I did enjoy myself and learned a lot about this art form and myself in the process. In the beginning I did many, some good, some not, and then I put it down for a while. 

This month my Art For The Creative Mind group hosted a 4x4 zentangle swap and I happily jumped back in. This time I didn't worry I just drew and I really enjoyed the letting go and doodling process. Here is my effort.

I highly recommend trying zens to anyone whether you can draw or not! Because planned or not a story will emerge and every story is worth listening to!

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