Saturday, March 6, 2010

La Chat et La Lune

I love having a husband that speaks French! Everything sounds so great. My latest collage piece is called The Cat and the Moon. I used an ATC canvas, acrylic paints, a recycled cup holder from Starbucks, a hand drawn cat, and a clip art moon from

I also created two fine art ATCs: Crescent Tree and Spring Leaf. I am really ready for some warmer weather and that unequaled green of spring. How about you?

Crescent Tree is done on water color paper with a water color background. The tree was hand drawn with sepia pens and then filled in with acrylic paint.

 Spring Leaf is a combination of water colors, dye ink marker, and Micro pen on water color paper.


  1. These are gorgeous! I especially love that Spring Leaf. We've been lucky here in Portland, Oregon, because we've had sunny days in the 60's off and on, since January. The rest of the time has been rain, rain, rain. And we'll probably pay by having a summer with rain, rain, rain.

    Ah well. I'm enjoying the sun now!

  2. Love your cat and moon collage, Marnie! Great colours and a simple but effective design - just beautiful!