Friday, July 6, 2012

Redecorating Rampage

A little later than my Wednesday blogging goal but hopefully you will think it was worth the wait!

For the last few months I have been itching to redecorate my home. I don't mean a total reno or calling a decorator to spend thousands of dollars. I mean the kind of redecorating where you recover loved pieces, give things a new life with a new paint color, rearranging furniture, a new accessory here and there, that sort of thing. I absolutely love to reinvent my spaces and breathe new life into them. As an artist I need a space that is inspiring and makes me happy because boring does not suit my muse!

A couple of weeks ago I got bitten by the motivation bug. I started with pillow (see last post) and ended up with a completely redone living room and updated dining room. Here are the results. (Unfortunately, I did not have the forethought or the patience to take before photos so just image brown, black, beige, and green....very sophisticated and BORING!)

The Living Room

 Lamp and side table detail

Fireplace wall

 Towers before and after

 Front door and window wall

Sconce detail
Entry Coat rack detail

 Throw detail
 Side table detail

 Sofa and art wall

 Pillow detail

Dining Room


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