Monday, June 11, 2012


Hi gang,

Among the many art irons I have in the fire these days, I am also working on a quilt this year. This is a year long course called Block of the Month offered by You are given two quilt blocks per month (which is doable, ever for me) and at the end of 10 months you have enough blocks for a lap size quilt. Month 11 and 12 show you how to put the whole this together from backing to finishing. Here is what I have done so far....


Aren't these fun! Usually I am not a quilt-type girl as quilts seem fussy to me but this class billed itself and modern so I decided to give it a go.  As you can see the patterns are very geometric and when paired with modern prints and colors it makes for a cool piece of fabric art.

If you have counted the blocks and done the math you will notice that I am two blocks behind. Actually, there are two patterns I skipped. One reason is because the patterns are quite complicated and I haven't had the time to invest lately. The other reason is that one of the patterns doesn't suit me so I am trying to think up an alternative (which not being a quilter is challenging).

Ok, it's off to work now for me but I will be back later this week to share another online course I am taking called "Your Living Canvas" by Christy Tomlinson.....stayed tuned!

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