Saturday, December 11, 2010

Reorganizing causes creativity!

This week I have been reorganizing and rearranging my studio. I have gone through mounds of paper and culled things I no longer like, have given away the zillions of fabric scraps I can't seem to throw away, and have re-situated my three large work tables into a U shape for better accessibility. All this cleaning up sparked a creative streak in me. 

I realized that little left-over scraps of paper from the Cricut are a great jumping off point for my art as seen below in my Gypsy Girls Trio

I also have quite a supply of re-cycled materials such as cards, printed cardboard, and old calendars. The four cards below were layered on top of an old Asian calendar I received two years ago from my local Hibachi restaurant.

These last two pieces are a testament to my latest fascination with Steampunk. Enjoy!


  1. What fun to see all the new art! Love it! It's so fun to reorganize -you find all kinds of things for inspiration!

  2. What a great collection of cards Marnie! Really beautiful work. Hugs xx

  3. Blimey! If that's what happens, maybe I should sort out all of my stuff too :)

    Wonderful creations.

  4. Marnie,

    Every time I decide to clean up I get the same desire to make something with what doesn't look like it will work anywhere else.

    Love every one of your pieces, you were quite prolific with your scraps.

    Mary Wilkins

  5. Hi Marnie! Oh I love all of your recent work! Beautiful! You got a lot done! Marva