Sunday, November 14, 2010

ArtChix Sister-Site 12 Days of Christmas Lotto

This month's ArtChix-Sister-Site lotto of The Twelve Days of Christmas was chosen by the talented Ms. Sallie Rodman. Now I am not a person who likes Christmas carols, in fact, I detest Christmas music because it gets too easily stuck in my head. For some reason though I found the theme such a challenge that inspired me to think outside the box a little more than usual. Instead of my typical one entry I have done three, thus far.

4 calling BIRDS
 6 Geese a Laying
 8 Maids a Milking


  1. These are great. I hadn't seen the last one. How clever is this!

  2. These are fantastic. You may have just inspired me for this years Christmas cards :)

  3. Fantastic!
    I cant wait to see the rest of them.