Monday, August 30, 2010

Lots to see not too much to say.

Whew! I just can't seem to keep on track with my posts and August has really thrown me for a loop. 

This post is crammed with mixture of my art challenges and swaps plus a few pictures I just had to show off. You will find very little description and no instructions in this post so if you want to know more about anything shoot me an email. Enjoy!

These first two photos are Faerie themed ATCs for my friend and group mate Billie Miller.
                                      Faerie Magic                                      Tropical Faerie Door

These two ATCs are for a Fish Challenge in one of my Yahoo groups. Don't even get me started on the yahoo problems this week. What is up with that?
                            He's so Koi!                                                 The one that got away!

This last ATC I created for the ArtChix Sister Site bi-monthly lotto called "The Cat's Meow."
"Her Creative Slip is Showing"

Card of the Month for Art For The Creative Mind. The theme is Black, Brown, and Cream.

My latest mixed media pieces were created for a Dreambox swap on the ArtChix Sister Site group.
Dressmaker Dreambox -closed

Dressmaker Dreambox - open

Dressmaker Dreambox - open detail

"Sirens of the Night"

This is my first domino book created for the altered art swap this month on Art For The Creative Mind.
"The book of C" - closed

"The book of C" - open

Now for my photos.....this first one my husband took in our front yard with a camera phone so the image is crisp but still amazing in my opinion. This butterfly had a wingspan of at least 6" was huge.

These next three I took on my recent and unexpected trip to Arizona. 
The first two are a rare sky phenomenon called Cloud Iridescence. These photos were not doctored. This is exactly how it looked when my friend Tiffany spotted it.

This last one is not rare but just as cool. I call it "The Man in the Clouds"


  1. Wow! Where to begin?

    There's so much amazing work in these pictures, but I think I'll pick the Sirens as my favourite piece. Then again, the dreambox is rather splendid, or maybe I should go for the domino book, or how about.....

  2. Wow, you have been busy. I think the Sirens are my favourites too, along with the domino book :)

  3. Oh my goodness---what a creative month. I love the dreambox and sirens, and ALL of it. The butterfly--amazing, and the man in the clouds--you need to frame that!

  4. Oh wow there are some pretty fab projects here, love them all. Annette x

  5. I LOVE Midnight in the GraveYard.
    It's gorgeous!

  6. Marnie I love all your awesome art work, your awesome at zentangles. I love the Graveyard, fabulous..
    Have a great day,Hugs Laura. xoxx
    P.S. Your so pretty...